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Baby Bounce is a brand new class for parents and their newborns, to get you moving and grooving with your sweet bundle of joy safely in your arms!


This new dance class features an easy moving dance combo to some Top 40 hits (that the parents will love!) that is made up of movements that are safe for mom or dad to do with baby held in a carrier on their chest! Class will be 30 minutes of fun and dance, followed by an additional 30 minutes of hangout time where we play some music and all our parents can move and groove with their babies and get to know each other.


Please note:

  • While you can hold baby for the class, having a carrier that is comfortable for you and baby is recommended. Those are not provided by the studio, so bring your favourite one with you to class!

This is a great chance to meet other newborn parents, ease back into movement, and spend time with your sweet little one! It is recommended all babies are between 6 weeks - 6 months, and mama's are cleared for physical activity. And if you're still not feeling up to 30 minutes of movement after giving birth, you can come and take the class seated comfortably in a chair! 


How do I sign up?

These classes are drop-in friendly, so you can pick the times you would like to come and sign up via our website or app!

All Class Passes sold at Collective work for Baby Bounce.

You can also sign up for a full 6 week session below! 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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