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Wedding Dance
Preparation &

Make your first dance one of a kind.

Wedding Dance

Our Wedding Dance Preparation & Choreography Package is one of our most popular services.


It allows you to customize your first dance exactly to your liking, get dance experience and training, and most importantly, it's a time for you and your future spouse to spend together connecting before  the big day. 

It helps couples feel more prepared and less nervous before their wedding, and is sure to impress all your family and friends!

Wedding dance

Our Wedding Package is currently priced at $325 +GST. This includes 4 lessons with our instructors, each lesson being 1 hr long. The first lesson you will work on partnering, connection, posture, turns and dips. In the following 3 lessons, our instructors will choreograph a routine for you to your first dance song. If you are needing more hours, you can purchase additional lessons after your first 4 lessons at a discounted rate. This cost also includes any music editing that needs done.

Our instructors are willing to work with you to create your vision! Whether you are looking for a fun and upbeat routine, something romantic and stylized, or truly anything else - we can create it for you!

Gay Couple on their Wedding


Fridays 12:00-12:45pm

This class is designed to challenge your body with extensions and balancing while building strength in our muscles as you move from exercise to exercise. Finishing off with core based movements to get that total body fix!

Please bring a mat, water and a towel.

Wedding dance


"Great wedding package!! Me and my husband did the wedding package with Lisa!! She is awesome and taught us so much right off the bat with us coming in with little to no knowledge!"

Haley L

Interested in our Wedding Package? 

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Let's dance!

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