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Collective Studios offers a variety of ways to take class that will best suit your needs.

There are 3 main structures: Drop in classes, Sessions, and Training Programs.


Drop-in classes are available in a variety of styles. You are able to sign up for whatever class you want to take, and drop-in when it works for you. There is no weekly requirement, just come when you! As long as there are more than 3 people registered in the class, it will run! 


Class Passes can be used for our drop-in classes. The more you buy, the more you save! Additional savings if you purchase the 1 month expiry passes. These cannot be used for any Sessions.

Check out our Styles pages to read up on what drop-in classes are available!


One class a week where you of learn some cool new moves and hang out with great people. No performances, just fun! 

Progressive sessions are 4 or 6 weeks of classes.

Our Back to Basics sessions are perfectly suited for those that are brand new to dance, or those who would like a refresher. The basic principles of the technique along with terminology and steps will prepare you for future classes!


This is SOOO much fun. You'll learn a combination that you'll work on over 8 or 10 weeks. On the last week we bring in the videographer and film! The video will be shared on the studio's social media and with each of the participants, as well as at our Movie Premiere event where we watch all the videos on the big screen at the movie theatre!

Video Sessions are 8-10 weeks long.


Miss performing? This is for you! One class a week where you learn an awesome routine to perform at our studio showcase.

All Performance Sessions are 10-12 weeks long.


Interested in furthering your training and taking more classes? Contact our office for more information!



Collective IGNITE is for artists who want to strengthen their technique and artistry in a dedicated environment. Ignite includes weekly rehearsals, choreographed routines, stretch and strength building classes, one-on-one mentorship, and unlimited drop-in classes. Training meets dancers where they are, and helps them to grow at an accelerated rate.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, let us know and you'll be contacted by the Studio Director to discuss it further.



Collective COMPANY is for dedicated artists who want to be pushed artistically and creatively in a performance based program. It is recommended Company members go through Collective Training before they join Company, as solid technical foundations are key. Company is INVITE only, but you are more than welcome to let us know if you are interested.

Collective Company members will have weekly rehearsals, choreographed routines, unlimited drop-in classes, photoshoots, video projects, and travel.


Thanks for submitting!
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