Styles are open to anyone and everyone! Please visit our Classes page for information on how our classes are structured. 


If you are looking for a recommendation, reach out to our office for assistance. 


Ballet is a style that has been around since the 15th Century. It is known for its structure, history, and technical foundation. Ballet is used as the base of many technical styles, and teaches discipline, posture, and alignment.

Class will likely feature work at the barre, exercises in the centre, and steps down the floor. 

Ballet has traditionally been done in a bodysuit, tights, and Ballet slippers. However students can wear anything they are comfortable in for class (eg. leggings and a tank top).

Dancers that wish to bring their Pointe shoes just need to check with the instructor prior to class. 


Salsa is a popular Latin dance style that came to life in New York City in the 1960's. It's rooted in Afro-Cuban, European and American swing dance styles. It is upbeat and fun, and can be done both with a partner or individually.

Partner classes will feature exercises and a rotation of partners around the room. Class will be taught "lead" and "follow". If you prefer not to switch partners, that can be arranged too!

Individual classes, known as "Footwork" classes, are done without a partner and will feature a warm-up and choreography.

Salsa can be done in Latin Ballroom shoes or any other comfortable footwear. Wear whatever you can move in!


Tap is a blend of dancing and music, and grew popular in the 19th and 20th centuries when it hit the stages of vaudeville and Broadway. It is draws influence from African and Irish step dancing, and is danced in shoes fitted with metal taps on the bottom. Tap can be classic and theatrical, or rhythmic and more street style. Regardless - it's a blast!

Tap classes will feature a warm-up, exercises, and will finish with choreography. It can be done to any style of music!

 Class should be done in Tap shoes. You can purchase these at your local dance store. Clothing can be anything you are comfortable in!

jazz funk

Jazz Funk takes influence from several Hip Hop styles and Jazz dance. It's known for it's upbeat and entertaining style, and will get you moving! It's sassy, fierce, and so much fun. If you're looking for a style that allows to you let go and have a great time - this is it!

Jazz Funk will likely feature a warm-up and choreography to Pop and Hip Hop hits. 

You should wear runners or sneakers to this class. For clothing - anything you'd like! Sweats, bodysuits, crop tops, whatever makes you feel great.


Jazz dance is a technical style that is influenced by Ballet, Modern, and African dance. It is upbeat and fun, and features "tricks" and steps such as jumps, turns and kicks. Jazz dance has many different styles, like Theatre, African, Commercial, and more. 

Jazz class will likely feature a warm-up, stretch, exercises, and choreography.

Clothing should be able to be moved in (leggings, joggers, or shorts work great!)

Class can be taken in bare feet, but we recommend socks or dance shoes (Jazz or Ballet). Shoes can be purchased at a local dance store.


Lyrical is a style that combines Ballet and Jazz, and is named because of its connection to the lyrics of the music. It is typically done to ballads or songs that evoke emotion, and is known for its storytelling aspect. Lyrical is a technical dance that elongates movement and allows a freedom of expression.

Class will likely feature a warm up, exercises and choreography. 

Class can be done in bare feet, but we recommend sock or dance shoes (Ballet, Jazz or Foot Undeez).


If you have ever dreamed of being a showgirl, this is your class. The high heels, tall posture, and sexy style is all confidence and class, and sure to provide tons of excitement!

This class will feature elements from both Heels and Jazz, and will walk you through the style and background of what it takes to be a showgirl. 

Class will likely feature a warm-up, exercises, and a combination.

It's recommended this class is done in heels, but you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Anything goes for an outfit!


Hip Hop is one of the most well known and influential styles of dance, known for its musicality, artistry, and cultural impact. Hip Hop dance covers a wide range of street styles, such as Popping, Locking and Breaking, and has strong foundation in music and movement quality. It all came to life in the Bronx in the 1970's, and just continues to grow and evolve. 

Hip Hop class will likely feature a warm-up followed by grooves, technique and/or choreography.

You should wear shoes to this class (runners, sneakers, etc), and something you can move in! 


Bachata is a Latin dance style that originated in the Dominican Republic. It is known to get your hips moving! Bachata can be done with a partner, or individually. 

Individual classes, known as "Footwork" classes, are done without a partner and will feature a warm-up and choreography.

Bachata can be done in Latin Ballroom shoes or any other comfortable footwear. Wear whatever you can move in!


Heels is a style that is named after the shoe you dance in, and it's not only sexy, it's empowering! Heels dance has been embraced by mainstream media, as you can see in many music videos and shows. It can be done to a variety of music styles, and it's a great workout.

This class will teach you how to walk in your heels, feel confident, and basically take over the world. Class will likely feature a warm-up, exercises, and choreography. 

You can wear any style of heel to this class: stiletto, booties, pumps -anything you feel comfortable dancing in! Wear clothes make you feel empowered and free.

Oh - and this class is not just for ladies. EVERYONE is welcome to Heels!


Breaking is one of the 5 main elements of Hip Hop, and one of the most widely known styles of street dance. Breaking, also known as breakdancing or b-boying/b-girling, is an form of movement that incorporates floor work and freestyle.

Class will teach you the techniques of Breaking and Freestyling. It will be not only be educational, but a great workout too. 

Shoes should be worn (runners or sneakers) and comfortable clothings (sweats) so you can move freely. 


Contemporary is a style that takes influence from Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop, and everything in between. Contemporary can be so many different styles, and involves technically and musical elements, along with floor work and emotional expression. Contemporary is an incredibly popular style because of its captivating presence and lack of rules. 

Class will likely feature a warm up, exercises and choreography.

Class can be done in bare feet or socks. Since Contemporary likely features floor work, it is recommended dancers wear pants and long sleeve shirts.


Theatre Jazz is a style of Jazz that was made popular in musical productions and on Broadway stages in the 20th Century. The ladies usually wear Character heels, and the choreography is typically danced to dynamic show tunes. This style takes inspiration from choreographers like Bob Fosse and Jerome Robbins, and uses Jazz technique to kick, turn and jump into the heart of the audience. 

Class will likely feature a warm up, jazz exercises, and choreography. 

Character heels, Jazz shoes, or socks can be worn in class, and clothing can be anything you're comfortable in. Get ready to shine!


Afrobeats is a fun and upbeat style that brings different African movements and rhythms together to create of a fusion of Street styles. The class environment is always fun, supportive, and energetic. This is one of the studios most popular classes!

Afrobeats will feature steps and footwork, that will be put together in a combination. Dancers should expect to dance and cheer on their fellow dancers!

It's recommended this class is done in comfortable clothes, with runners/sneakers for shoes.