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Interested in being a part of a Collective Training program?

Read more below!

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Collective Training is for artists who want to strengthen their technique and artistry in a dedicated environment. Training includes weekly rehearsals, choreographed routines, stretch and strength building classes, one-on-one mentorship, and unlimited drop-in classes. Training meets dancers where they are, and helps them to grow at an accelerated rate.

Full-time and part-time options available.


Collective Company is for dedicated artists who want to be pushed artistically and creatively in a performance based program. It is recommended Company members go through Collective Training before they join Company, as solid technical foundations are key. Company is INVITE only, but you are more than welcome to let us know if you are interested.

Collective Company members will have weekly rehearsals, choreographed routines, unlimited drop-in classes, photoshoots, video projects, and travel.

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SHE Moves is an inclusive training program that dives into the world of commercial dancing. Focusing on Heels and Street Jazz, this program offers in depth hands on training with Lisa. This is an intimate program that will focus on confidence, performance quality, technique, floor work, and more.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this program is open to all humans, not just those that identify as female. Everyone is welcome.

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