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Dance is for everyone.

What is diversity dance collective?

Diversity Dance Collective is a program for adults (17+) with physical and/or cognitive disabilities who want to dance and move their bodies to music! In a fun and welcoming environment, classes will run as a movement and hip-hop inspired class that allows participants to experience all the components of a dance class. Classes will start with a warm-up and stretch, then dancers will participate in learning various steps and choreography, and most importantly we will have a dance party for the last few minutes of class! Regardless of ability or previous experience, dancers are invited to come meet new friends, move their bodies in ways that work for them and become a part of the Collective Studios community.

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Rilynn Epp is not only the creator of the program, but also the instructor for all of Diversity Dance Collective's classes! Rilynn has been dancing since she was 5 years old, and currently holds her Bachelor of Education where she teaches and supports individuals with disabilities. She is passionate about her work and looks forward to helping make Collective Studios a home for adult dancers of all abilities!


Dancers who require more support are encouraged to bring support staff who can attend class free of charge. Any other accommodations such as noise cancelling headphones, assistive technology or communication devices and other necessary supports are welcome.

Dancers should wear clothing that they can move in and indoor sneakers or socks to class. Please bring a water bottle! 

The building is wheelchair accessible. 

how does the class structure work?

Intake forms are provided at the bottom of the page that will be filled out prior to registration. Upon receiving your intake form, we will place the individual in the class best suited for them and contact you shortly with what class we feel would suit the dancer best.

A trial classes can be requested to see if the class and environment will be a good fit. The cost of a trial class is $12 + GST.

Classes run in monthly sessions. The monthly fee is $55 (tax included) and the session can be joined at any time during the month. Once you've joined, the session will be charged on the same day every month until you choose to cancel our membership. For example, if you join on July 16th, you will be charged for an additional month on August 16th, September 16th, and so on. 

Class sizes will be no more than 12 participants. If the classes fill up, we will gladly add additional classes to the schedule!

Contact FOR MORE information

If you have any questions about the classes and what to expect, please feel free to email Rilynn at

If you have any additional questions about session fees or payment, please feel free to email Jaimie


Join Diversity Dance Collective today!

Please fill out this intake form and you will be contacted regarding classes right away!

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