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Welcome to Collective Studios!

Interested in having dancers and choreographers as a part of your next project?

Looking for rehearsal space or assistance creating your next dream project?

We can help!

Who we are:

Collective Studios is Regina’s adult dance centre, located in the Warehouse District of Regina, Saskatchewan.

We opened our studio doors in April 2022, and since then have cemented a reputation as the place to be for adults interested in dance. We offers classes, training, and performance opportunities, as well as provides services for those wanting dancers and choreography as a part of their event or project.

Collective instructors and dancers, February 2023.

Filmed by Andrew Parry.

Since opening, the studio has offered over 1900 classes and has had over 900 people walk through our doors. We have a company comprised of professional dancers and have attended many events throughout Regina with our performers and choreographers. We regularly work with photographers, videographers, and graphic designers, as well as local theatres to hold showcases and events.

Our community continues to grow, and we look forward to more opportunities to expand the dance industry in Regina.

Dance is for everyone.


Collective Studios Showcase at the Darke Hall in Regina on December 3, 2022

Dance is an incredibly entertaining art form that can elevate any project and event. With the right creative minds in place, dance can make something extraordinary.

Collective Studios is known for it's incredibly knowledgable and experienced instructors and choreographers. Among the staff of 16 teachers, they have danced all across the world, including New York, Vancouver, Mexico, and Asia, and have performed for some very prestigious artists and networks, such as Good Morning America (ABC), Princess Cruise Lines, Juilliard, and more! Whether Saskatchewan has always been their home base, or they’ve come to consider this province their home, we have a pool of great teachers in almost every style you can think of. These professionals are also accomplished visionaries who have choreographed music videos, full productions, musicals, commercials, and promo events (to name a few).

They are able to help bring your vision to life, in whatever capacity that may be!

What we can do for you:


If you’re looking for dancers, choreographers, or even rehearsal space for your next event, video shoot, or any other project, we’d love to work with you!

Our dancers are some of the most positive and hardworking people in the business, who will bring a fun atmosphere to your project - not to mention the talent and energy!

We’d be pleased to provide dancers and choreography for:

  • events, parties and special occasions

  • film, TV, and commercials

  • music videos and/or concerts

  • live industrials and promotions

  • private lessons, training, consultation

  • and much more!

Studio Space

Located on Rose Street, we have three different studios ready to be used for rehearsal space or a location for a shoot or event. We’d love to help your vision come to life, by giving our dancers the time and space to rehearse to make your project or event shine, or providing you with an industrial feel for your next project. Please note: studio rentals will be coordinated with our busy evening schedule.


Company and Ignite Collectives

At Collective Studios, we have two skilled training and performance groups that can be made available for projects.

Both Collective Company and Ignite Dance are made up of talented and dedicated dancers that spend hours a week in the studio, and are available to be hired as dancers for your event or project. Company is comprised of professional and pre-professional dancers who have trained all over the world, with a ton of industry experience. Ignite is a program for dedicated dancers who are well-versed in a multitude of styles and are looking for exposure to the performance industry.

Both of our performance groups have different routines in their repertoire and a variety of different dance skills - it all depends on what you’re looking for. Tell us your vision and we’d be happy to recommend some options from there.

Company member Rebecca Bzdell in our main studio, 2022


We offer a range of different dance styles, from Ballet to Heels, to Latin dances like Salsa and Bachata. Each one can bring a different energy to your project, depending on what you’re looking for.

Want us to bring the party? We have the style for that - maybe some Hip Hop, Latin, or Heels dancers. Need something that’s a little softer? We could offer Contemporary, Ballet, or Lyrical. We also offer Country styles like Two-Step, Swing and Polka. There are a multitude of options.

Or, maybe you even might want to dance yourself? We also offer options for private lessons, training classes, Bachelorette or Birthday parties, team bonding for groups, or wedding dance preparation and choreography. If this interests you, just ask, and we can provide more information!

We are able to work within your projects needs.

We’d love to discuss what you are looking for in your project! There are many factors that go into cost and affordability of dancers and choreographers.

We always recommend the current standard CADA Rates when discussing cost of dancers and choreographers, however we know that every event is different, and requires different elements. We’d be happy to work within budgets when necessary!

Looking forward to working with you!

If you’re looking for a great form of entertainment to enhance your event, film/TV series, music video, or concert - dance is a great option to consider!

We’re looking forward to making connections across different industries in Regina, and across Saskatchewan. Contact us below to get started!

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Music video shoot with Kwento Productions, 2023

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