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Calling all teachers.

We believe that the best way to learn is by getting hands on experience and training.

Our Teacher Training/Assistant program is a great way to see how our teachers work up close, and develop your own teaching style. 

This program allows you to assist one of our teachers and see how an adult dance class runs, learn more about how they teach and the techniques that they use, and get more knowledge and background on the style. 


How does it work? You will assist the teacher by attending their class every week, stand at the front of the room with them, and follow class direction. You will be responsible for demonstrating steps, helping students and answering questions. This will give you time to learn about different teaching techniques, cultivate your own style, and get mentorship from our instructors. 


You also will get the opportunity to be a substitute for your instructor if they are unable to make it to class, and maybe even start teaching your own classes.


It's a great way to get in class, develop teaching experience, and learn a new skill set. You can apply for styles that you know well, or ones that you want to learn more about by filling out the form below.

We look forward to teaching with you :)



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